Mom Hits Daughter With Car




When dealing with unruly children who need to be taught a lesson, parents are presented a range of disciplinary options. If spanking is one end of the spectrum and "I'll talk to you like an adult" is on the other, we're not entirely sure where "driving your car at your child so you can reach out and smack them in the head, but then accidentally hitting them with the car" lies, but it's super-off-the-charts.

The Sandusky Register has the backstory on such a case, featuring Michelle Touma, our Mother of the Week.

This installment in unlawful and misguided adventures in parenting starts with Touma driving her 19-year-old daughter to her job at Taco Bell. The daughter, Emily, wanted to stop at Walmart on the way. Mom obliged, but made it clear she was simply too busy and too important to continue on with the commute. She would drop her daughter off at Walmart, but then she would have to walk the rest of the way to work.

Emily protested, pounding on her mom's van, which is when Michelle went into Mom Mode, intent on punishing her daughter for her antics.

You'll remember that mom was in a hurry, so you'll also understand that she couldn't get out of her van to lay down some justice — she had places to go and people to see, after all — so she drove toward her daughter with the intent of leaning out the window and slapping her on the head. Completely reasonable, but also a deft move requiring skill and dexterity.

As you might guess, things did not go well. Mom ran over her daughter's foot. (The Italian judge, it should be noted, gave her a 6.5 on the maneuver despite the mishap, citing a high-degree of difficulty in his surprisingly high score.)

Cops charged Michelle Touma with aggravated vehicular assault and domestic violence. Sadly, mom also was late to whatever pressing matter concerned her so much that she could not drive her daughter all the way to work.

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