Mustard Fails to Foil Hopkins K9


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Now we know: Slathering a heady Dijon or pungent American yellow on bags of illegal drugs you want to air mail to the other side of the country doesn't work. Perhaps there is some other substance that can avert the highly calibrated sniffers of K9s working the airport, but mustard will not.

And people! Please! If your friend has mailed nine pounds of pot to your house, exercise a modicum of suspicion if someone at the airport calls you to come fetch the package instead.

We can't decide if this news report from Vermilion is just sad, or if the mustard makes it too funny.

According to Fox 8 News:

According to Vermilion Police Chief Christopher Hartung, a K9 at Cleveland Hopkins Airport detected a package that had a strong smell of marijuana originating out of San Jose, California. The package was scheduled to be delivered to an address in Vermilion.

Police seized the package and after it was opened, three vacuum sealed bags containing marijuana were found stored inside several large clear plastic bags. The vacuum sealed bags were covered in mustard.

Police set up a sting to have the package picked up by an individual at the house to where the package was addressed.

Then again, maybe they didn't use enough mustard. Maybe that's the trick-more mustard. Not.


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