Pic of the Day: The Magic is Back at Jacobs Field




This pic was tweeted out by @tribetalk Friday night during the postgame fireworks after Travis Hafner's 9th-inning, walk-off homer. Can you dream up a more perfect snapshot? The rally caps. The fireworks. The scoreboard. Nostalgia, hope, innocence, magic — it's all there.

The line from the headline was uttered by Tom Hamilton on the WTAM radio broadcast as Pronk was crossing home to a mob scene. Of course, Hamilton didn't say "Jacobs Field"; he used the other name, an egregious offense for which we can nonetheless forgive him for because the team and that insurance company would probably frown on him intentionally not using the name they paid millions to secure. Not us though.

Either way, something is happening at the corner of Carnegie and Ontario, and we like it.

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