Cuyahoga Falls Councilman is Not Anti-Bird




The last time we visited lovely Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, it was to share with everyone Mayor Don Robart's fears of goth kids and piercings.

We return today for a proclamation from a Cuyahoga Falls councilman that he is not "anti-bird." That's a strange sentiment to have to express, but after wild debate over a proposed bird feeder ordinance, some of Jerry James' comments were taken to mean that he is not a fan of our feathered friends. That is not true.

Also in this video from Patch:
the other side of the argument. One man who takes grave issue with his neighbor's insistence on spreading bird feed around her yard is definitely anti-bird.

Anyway, on to the show, which is as good a reminder as anything outside of Parks & Recreation that local government is totally awesomesauce.

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