Daniel Lee Bedford, Cincinnati Killer, To Be Executed



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The state of Ohio is prepping for another execution today. This time, the state will put the needle to convicted killer Daniel Lee Bedford. The execution is scheduled for sometime this morning.

Bedford will be the fourth Death Row inmate executed in 2011. Right now, at the current clip, the state is on track to break the 8-executions record it set last calendar year: as of today, five more inmates are on the schedule. Current clip, that was a bad pun.

The Cincinnati man’s crime was a particularly brutal brand of scorned-lover’s rage. Via the Associated Press:

Bedford learned from the roommate that the couple was home and waited at the apartment where, armed with a revolver and a shotgun, he killed Smith and shot Toepfert multiple times before returning to her body and firing a shotgun blast into her groin to be sure she was dead, prosecutors said. He then went to Tennessee and visited a childhood acquaintance, who helped tip off police before Bedford's arrest.

Following his arrest, Bedford claimed he couldn’t recall the 1984 crime. In the long appeals process that followed, his lawyers claimed Bedford suffered from mental disabilities and dementia. A stay of execution was granted by a Federal judge in Columbus Monday, but this morning the court of appeals swatted away the relief.

Ohio kicked off 2011's Death Row season with the execution of Cleveland’s own poster-boy for insanity, Frank Spisak. 2010’s 8 executions put the Buckeye State’s body count second to Texas, which is great company to keep, of course, no?

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