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Your guide to thriving in fabulous Cleveland.

The Pirate of Marblehead: Patrick Coyne charged with using $15K in bribes to buy a condo from Smuggler’s Bay Pointe realty. Feds aided by the words Smuggled cash spent at Smuggler’s Pointe! I slay me! scrawled on check’s memo line.

The Law Wins: TV anchor Leon Bibb reveals he’s been caught one too many times by traffic cameras and thus will stop speeding. Bibb still subject to violations of Cleveland cops’ “driving while black” ordinance.

Secrets From the Pros: Plain Dealer runs full-on Sunday blitz educating readers on dangers of gambling. Scene’s companion version to be offered in-person at craps table for the low price of 1 whiskey highball and a menthol cig. Bring cash.

This Week's Index: Your nipples are bleeding through the Perry Ellis spandex,
with 14 miles of marathon to go.


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