Clyde's Bistro is Gone, But New Bistro Takes its Place




On March 23, Clyde’s Bistro & Barroom (1975 Lee Rd.) in Cleveland Heights ceased to be, making it the last in a long line of shuttered restaurants to be housed in the Lee Road diner cars. The restaurant opened a year and a half ago.

But the news is not as bad as it sounds.

Owner Clyde Mart actually sold the restaurant to an eager buyer, who has kept the restaurant open and has plans to make it even better.

"One of the things that Clyde does so well is turn around restaurants," explains Vivian Gatta, Mart's daughter and former GM. "That was part of the goal all along."

New owner Candi Robinson couldn't wait to get her hands on the property. As an owner of a popular café and catering company in the Lee-Harvard area, Robinson needed a bigger canvas for her budding operation. When she saw Clyde's she was instantly smitten.

"What don't I like about the restaurant?" Robinson coos. "I walked in and said 'I want it.' It is gorgeous — upscale without being too upscale. Clyde did an awesome job with that facility."

Now called Favor Bistro (1975 Lee Rd., 216-321-7100,, the eatery will keep many of the comfort foods that made Clyde's popular in the neighborhood. To those, new Creole dishes like pecan-crusted chicken and alligator burgers will be added.

"This community is eclectic and diverse, and we hope to please them all," adds Robinson.

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