Bicycles Don't Make Good Getaway Vehicles




We understand, gas is expensive these days. Nevertheless, if you're planning a bank robbery, you might want to invest in a fill-up because it turns out, surprisingly, that bicycles don't make good getaway vehicles.

Via the Ashtabula Star Beacon:

According to Ashtabula police, a man walked into First Merit Bank, 4200 Park Ave., and demanded money at about 1:30 p.m.

Then the man went outside and made his getaway on a bicycle, police said.

Fighting the rain and wind, the suspect tried to carry an undisclosed amount of money while pedaling eastbound on the two-wheeler, police said.

“He dropped some (money) on the way,” Chief Robert Stell said. “The wind blew it all over the place.”
Police arrested the suspect on Collins Boulevard, across from the Justice Center, within 10 minutes of the robbery, Stell said.

Rollerblades next time?

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