'Mullet Robber' Strikes Ohio Again (Updated)




Update: The Mullet Robber has struck again. Fox 8 reports he hit a bank in Columbus:

"As soon as employees saw the man enter the bank, they knew immediately that it was the 'Mullet Man,'" Harry Trombitas, a special agent with the FBI, told Reuters. "But by then it was too late."

This would be the fourth robbery for Mullet Man in the last month. Has anyone considered the possibillity that he's just saving up money for a haircut?


Columbus has been hit for the second time by a bank robber sporting the Kentucky Waterfall.

Via the Columbus Dispatch:

A man wearing a dark mullet-style haircut and a Seattle Mariners baseball cap robbed a Fifth Third Bank this morning at the Georgesville Square shopping center on the Far West Side, the FBI said. The same man is suspected of committing another bank robbery two weeks ago.

At about 9:19 a.m., the man entered the bank at 1669 Holt Rd., waited in line and then handed a teller a robbery note, FBI Special Agent Harry W. Trombitas said. The teller saw no weapon but gave the man money, he said.

Experts assume the haul will be spent on NASCAR paraphernalia and packs of unfiltered Winstons.

The FBI notes it should have no problems apprehending the suspect. Unless, of course, he gets a haircut soon.

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