American Greetings Headquarters Will Be in Westlake, According to Employees




American Greetings agreed to keep its headquarters in Ohio, but so far the company has been tight-lipped on where that location will be. The finalists were Brooklyn, Beachwood, Brecksville, Independence or Westlake.

According to 19 Action News' Scott Taylor on Twitter, employees have been told that Westlake, and specifically Crocker Park, will be their future home.

Obviously, no word on an official announcement yet or even when one might come. First order of business for American Greetings is probably shipping off a "Congratulations! You're getting our tax dollars!" card to Westlake's mayor, followed by a ceremonial handshake agreement over a nice stuffed mushroom app at Houlihan's.

(For background reading on the American Greetings headquarters story, check out this PD piece.)

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