Cleveland is Moderately Healthy


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According to the latest installment of the annual American Fitness Index rankings, Cleveland falls 25th out of 50 large cities in health.

That means we run up stairs really, really fast, but we wheeze when we get to the top. It means our FUPAs are sizable, but they blend in with the rest of our bodies, and are less noticeable than, say, those FUPAs in Kentucky or Alabama. It means we'll avoid an untimely, early death and live on into our 90s, but our quality of life those last ten or fifteen years will be absolutely miserable.

Actually, none of those factored into the rankings, which instead concentrated on more tangible metrics like smoking, obesity rates, exercise, parks, percentage of walkers and bikers, and local food movements. For what it's worth, Minneapolis took home the top spot and Oklahoma came in dead last.

The breakdown for the Forest City after the jump.



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