Return of 50/50 Marks Biggest Show So Far



Despite a five-year hiatus, the 50/50 Show at 78th Street Studios’ Smartspace on Friday was a huge crowd pleaser and bigger than ever. The event, curated by Cleveland art-world fixture Martin Geramita, raffled 50 local artists’ pieces for $50 each.

The artwork disappeared fast, with winners snatching most pieces off the walls within 15 minutes of the raffle’s start.

The show was popular during its first five years when the former 1300 Gallery owner hosted it there, but Garamita says the turnout doubled this year. “I am humbled that Cleveland made my first show in five years so successful,” he says.

Here are a few of the fun pieces sold:

Hit Girl - Joe Ayla
Of course the movie Kick Ass made an appearance at the show in this drawing. What fun-loving artist wouldn't take the opportunity to recreate the intimidating little girl?

The Belt - Aaron Sechrist
Our Scene art director paid tribute with his illustration of pro wrestler Randy “Macho Man” Savage.

I'm Still Just As Stuck Up As I was In High School But Now I Get Paid For Doing Gangbangs On Film - William Rupnik
The title of this painting pretty much says it all.

Tina Turner - Anastasia Pantsios
Scene's own photographer and writer showed off her old school rock photography with a classic Tina on stage in 1984.

Attention Whore - John Ryan
What kind of Cleveland event would it be if we didn't bash LeBron? This painting did.

All in all, the night, the show, and the crowd made for a great time. —Shelby Chargin

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