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GravyFest 2011: Jimmy Dimora’s trial delayed till January 2012, providing time for feds to answer one more pressing question: What does Jimmy Dimora look like after one last holiday eating binge as a free man?

Preserving the Vision: Group Plan Commission finalizes recommendations for future use of downtown mall space, sticks to founders’ 1903 edict to ensure “public space, lush parks, accessibility for fans of sport to urinate, and never, ever a Rockne’s.”

The New Poverty: Crocker Park developer switches focus to “high-end retailers” after American Greetings announces plans to move there. Because $26K greeting-card writers are the wheelhouse demographic for Prada.

This Week's Index: You’re feeling like Ed FitzGerald, shirtless and flexing in front of the mirror after smacking down another deadbeat county department.

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