Tribe Fan Caught Pounding Beer in Front Row




Good morning Cleveland. Turns out Forest City is fielding its fair share of national attention this morning on the interwebs. We decided we might as well launch into the piece of media that you’ll be most proud of first: Deadspin kicked off their morning roundup with this classy screen grab of a Tribe fan taking down a beer in the front row at last night’s loss against the Red Sox.

Not to nit-pick, but we’re not sure this actually classifies as a “shotgun.” From the cheap seats here in mom’s basement it looks like the fine-pixels show this lady is chugging the beer. A shotgun involves cutting an imprecise hole into the side of the beverage, then launching the works down your throat via said hole after you crack open the top. Just saying.

Damn, scratch that. We didn't even see that (bad monitor). That's an absolute true blue shotgunning.

(via Deadspin)

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