John Kasich's Poll Numbers Continue to Plummet




No one likes John Kasich. The governor's approval ratings now have him somewhere between "Weird kid who eats his boogers and has to sit by himself at lunch," and, "Weird kid who eats his boogers and sits with one other person at lunch."

Public Policy Polling's new numbers for Ohio's embattled leader are not pretty.

"Already at 35-54 approval-disapproval in March, Kasich has slipped a bit to 33-56, tying him with Florida's Rick Scott for the most reviled governor in the country. Unlike Scott Walker, Kasich's agenda has not at all rallied his base. He has plummeted with Republicans, from an already somewhat weak 71-18 approval margin two months ago to an abysmal 58-28 now."

PPP also notes that Strickland would beat Kasich 59-34 in a re-do election if pollsters knew then what they know now.

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