Jones Day Clamps Down on Dress Code




Uber-important law firm Jones Day, which has a strong presence in Cleveland, would like its young lawyers to dress better, and if not, the bosses are prepared to send offenders home to change.

"Business casual" is a murky category of dress. Does that mean no tie? Does that mean no underwear? It's a broad spectrum to navigate. Apparently, enough young lawyers and staff at Jones Day have egregiously offended the "business casual" fashion policy over previous summers that the firm will now only allow it on Fridays.

Above the Law has the internal memo:

Re: Business Casual Dress Policy

Despite numerous communications explaining our business casual dress code, over the last several summers many lawyers and staff have not complied with the spirit of our policy and have dressed inappropriately. Accordingly, this summer business casual attire will be permitted only on Fridays.

As a reminder, the key word in our business casual policy is business. Clothing that works well for the beach, exercise sessions, night clubs and shopping malls should not be worn to work. While business casual attire is permissible on Fridays, it is by no means mandatory. We assume you will consider your client and other responsibilities, and the image of the Firm generally, in connection with the foregoing.

All doubts about the appropriateness of a particular item should be resolved in favor of the more conservative approach. To ensure that we maintain a professional environment, anyone who is inappropriately dressed will be reminded of the policy. As in the past, repeated noncompliance will result in the individual being sent home to change, and the resulting time away from the office will be charged to vacation.

We think Jones Day has more important stuff to do, like reminding its lawyers not to defecate in trash cans in their offices.

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