Lorain Man Bites Off Ear, Flashes 3-Year-Old



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No regular bruisers ourselves, we gotta ask — What’s with the ear? We’re always reading these news reports, and invariably every couple of months up pops an incident where someone gripped in a physical clash tries to nosh off the other guy’s ear. They’re usually high on bath salts and Four Loko. What ever happened to a fair fight?

The latest to indulge in the Tysonesque style of combat is Aaron Applegate of Lorain, who not only bit off another guy’s ear, but flashed his pants cannon in the presence of a little kid. Just an all around stand up citizen.

The Morning Journal has the details. According to the paper, a 29-year-old man was visiting his friend when Applegate showed up drunk. The newcomer unzipped his pants and started urinating in the yard, even though a 3-year-old girl was right there. When the 29-year-old told him to stop, Applegate attacked.

After getting off a piece of the man’s left ear, Applegate split. He was later apprehended without incident and charged with felonious assault and public indecency.

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