The Mobile App of Cleveland History




Clevelanders, pick up your iPhones, iPads, doohickies, and other assorted mobile devices and download the Cleveland Historical 2.0 app. Immediately. It's free.

The Center for Public History and Digital Humanities at Cleveland State University is the brainchild behind the app, which uses archival footage back from the early 1900s, interviews, maps, over 1000 images, guided tours, and descriptions of landmarks, both past and present, to tell a remarkably detailed and vivid story of Cleveland's past.

Via Fresh Water Cleveland:

"Imagine Cleveland as a living museum and we're trying to curate it," says Mark Tebeau, associate professor of history and co-director of the Center for Public History. "We're finding ways in which our own stories help us understand Cleveland better."

The app includes more than 700 interviews as part of the Cleveland Regional Oral History Collection and is a result of the combined effort by teachers, students, historians and community members. The organization has also posted many of the video oral histories on You Tube.



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