Alleged Drunk Driver Pulls Over, Talks to Cops




Pro tip in the unfortunate and dangerous case that you've been drinking and driving: Don't pull over to the scene of a minor crash to talk to cops, especially if you've pissed your pants. Things will probably end badly.

From Sandusky:

Officers investigating a minor crash in the 1300 block of Camp St. at 8:21 p.m. Tuesday said Marquis A. Bates, of the 200 block of Hendry St., pulled up.

Bates got out of a car and said he knew some of the people involved in the crash, police said. Officers noticed Bates was unsteady on his feet and he bumped into one of the officers while talking to them.

Officers smelled alcohol on Bates even through he was chewing gum, police said, and he had a wet spot on his pants where he had apparently urinated on himself.

And yes, Bates refused a breath test. And yes, he has four previous OVIs.


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