Pic of the Day: A Vision of the East Bank of the Flats



The Plain Dealer reports this morning that plans for the East Bank of the Flats are moving along. In addition to a burger joint, developers are working on a seasonal nightclub, a Mexican restaurant, and a steakhouse. In other words, the prized land on the banks of the Cuyahoga River will resemble Macedonia or Strongsville.

In addition to the entertainment quota, Scott Wolstein's project will also include offices, where Ernst & Young will relocate, apartments, condos, and more. So maybe the reality is something more akin to Crocker Park.

Forum Architectural Services LLC released a rendering of the finished product, including the nightclub, which promises "a South Beach feel with a Vegas attitude." A few things we can learn from the image: 1) Apparently, the project will draw yachts to Cleveland. Who knew? 2) The architects are big on lights. Like, really big. 3) At least 74 people will come to see what's happening. 4) Very few of them will be black.


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