Mom Arrested for DUI With Kids in Car at 3 A.M.




Last year saw a spate of sauced-up moms being arrested for driving drunk with their kids in the car. Unacceptable on every level, especially for those nabbed for DUIs early in the morning while shuffling their youngsters to school.

Thankfully, we've enjoyed a drought this spring, with few to no mothers recklessly endangering their kids by getting behind the wheel after a pint of pinot. Until this weekend. Fox 8 reports that Alliance cops pulled over 29-year-old Brandy Seem at 3 a.m. on May 28. Yes, she was inebriated. Yes, her kids were in the car.

Seem had a blood-alcohol level .208, which goes a long way to explaining her disastrous roadside field sobriety test. (Watch the video on the Alliance PD's Facebook page here.)

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