Ohio to Inspect 'Spray Parks,' Ask Folks to Stay Away if They Have Diarrhea


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I took my Imodium today, how bout you?
  • "I took my Imodium today, how 'bout you?"

And by "spray parks," the state means splash pads, the fountains of water in parks that kids run through in the summer. Long a mainstay of the outdoor summer season, "spray parks" are not in danger of disappearing, the state just wants to make sure they are sanitary.

The AP reports that local health agencies will ensure that the water is clean and the parks are licensed. But they can't do it alone. Ohio, no lie, will put up signs reminding citizens to not drink the water, and to "stay out of it if they have diarrhea."

Lovely. Apparently this is needed reminder. In New York, one such splash park was linked to an "outbreak of a parasitic illness that causes diarrhea and vomiting," from which 4000 people got sick. So, yeah, if you have the shits, please stay out of the water. And if you're thinking about taking a sip of the water, just think about someone with the shits jumping through it. Or not.


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