The Quality of Cleveland Life Report




Your guide to thriving in fabulous Cleveland.

Great Moments in Flats History: No word yet on who will cut the ribbon for the Wolsteins’ Flats East Bank project. Front-runners include former ESPN broadcaster Gary Miller, who famously urinated out of a Flats club in ’97. Also in the running: an underage drunk girl leaning over the railing by the river.

The New King of the Suburbs : Richfield Village takes home top honors in Cleveland magazine’s annual rate-the-suburbs issue. Judges praise its location, services, and plentiful supply of white people.

Fresh Rolls of Red Tape: A new report says Cuyahoga County needs to eliminate bureaucracy if it hopes to attract new business. County council to discuss report’s findings in 17 meetings over the next 48 months.

This Week's Index: Your Honey Hut double scoop has doubled over onto the sidewalk.

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