Two Arrested While 'Planking'


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Two men were arrested in Willoughby for trespassing as they were planking on rooftops. Planking, of course, is that pointless/popular "lying down game" where you lay face-down, with your arms at your side, on bizarre and challenging locations while someone else takes a picture of you. It's been around for years, but because someone recently died, the game's been coined a "new and dangerous internet craze" by the media. Even more dangerous: when those daredevil teens go to a "pill party," then pour vodka in their eyes, don a rainbow of bracelets declaring their sexual conquests, and then go planking. It's really serious stuff, man.

Anyway, Fox 8 reports:

According to the Willoughby Police Department's Facebook page, an officer on patrol early Saturday morning observed a man standing on top of a downtown building. A second man was seen taking photos of the person on the roof.

Both men fled the scene as the officer stopped to investigate.

A short time later, authorities caught up with the pranksters. It was subsequently discovered that the men had posed on several other business rooftops on Erie Street between Second and Third streets.

No damage was done and nobody was injured in the incidents.

On the upside, the duo got pictures, which the police then posted, so despite their arrests, at least everyone knows their planking mission was a success.


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