Cleveland Ranked 7th Nationally for Job Openings




Whether or not Cleveland is in the midst of an economic recovery or simply wallowing in the middle-ground of simple financial survival depends on what you're reading, what numbers you're looking at, and whether you can still afford that fifth of Kamchatka every week. It's all about perspective.

We lean toward specious internet rankings for our information, partly because they're easier to digest than spreadsheets of raw data, and partly because we got a D in Econ 101 in college.

The latest batch comes from, via HuffPo, and the news, at least topically, is refreshing: Cleveland ranks 7th nationally for job openings.

First, a broad look at the job sector:

The number of available job listings in the 50 most populous cities in America widely varies, according to, a job search site that aggregates job listings from over 10,000 sources worldwide, including sites like

Competition for jobs remains fierce. In the first quarter of this year, the average number of job listings for the 50 most populated cities was 67.42 per 1000 people. New Orleans currently has the worst ratio at 29 jobs per 1000 people.

But despite recent reports that job recovery is slowing, CEO Paul Forster believes things are getting better. "Of the 10 cities with the most population per job posting, there are 62 percent more jobs on average than a year ago," he told U.S. News & World Report. Miami, in particular, has seen significant improvement, with the ratio of unemployed people to job postings falling from 6:1 in January, to 4:1 in March.

As for the nitty gritty on the Forest City:

Job postings per 1000 people: 94
Unemployment rate: 7.6 percent
Civilian labor force in thousands: 1,078.4

Of course, those jobs could be at Rally's, or they could be at Rosetta.

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