Drunk 'Wolfman' Arrested in Sheffield Township



  • Grrrrrrr.

In between run-of-the-mill traffic stops, the usual shitheads, drug dealers, drunk drivers, domestic abusers, and violent criminals, it must be nice for cops to every once in awhile come upon a drunk man claiming to be a wolfman. Just to break up the monotony, ya know.

According to Fox 8, cops in Sheffield Township were called to the Timber Ridge Campground after reports of a man "acting angrily and becoming violent with campers and animals."

When they arrived, they indeed find a man, 20 year-old Thomas Stroup, but but that time he was drunk and passed out. When awoken from his slumber, he explained just what made him go a little bit nuts, but only after he growled at the cops, which should have been a hint as to where the conversation was going.

Stroup was placed under arrest for underage consumption and told authorities that he had blacked out from drinking too much vodka that evening.

According to the report Stroup went on to say that ever since he was scratched by a wolf in Germany he blacks out when the moon comes out and goes on the attack.

Ah, of course. No word on if he also has super-human basketball skills and a baller varsity jacket.

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