Cleveland, Get Your Miami Heat Championship Gear Here



We’re not gloating here — basking in the warm sweet sweet glow of a certain franchise’s fadeout (never) — but this is pretty hilarious. According to sources from the interwebs, this ad ran this morning in the Miami Herald.


Bit premature, no? The ad is for Macy’s, we hear. Not only is there some serious ego on display, but this ad made zero sense: the Heat couldn’t have won the series last night. Now the company is probably stuck with a couple warehouses of these shirts. Our suggestion: donate them to the homeless (if Miami is still touchy about how its homeless dress, we're sure we can bring it full circle and find some down and out Clevelanders more than willing to sport this particular piece Heat gear); or, it's gonna take plenty of cotton to mop up all of Chris Bosh's tears — these could soak up a portion of the waterworks.

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