Barberton Says No To Bath Salts


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Bath salt fiend in the act.
  • Bath salt fiend in the act.

A new product has elbowed itself a place at the table of legal items stealing peaceful sleep from moms everywhere. Is little Johnny taking paint thinner? Smoking synthetic marijuana? Imbibing canisters of Four Loko? No Ma’am, this time Johnny is stuffing bath salts up his nose.

Bath salts — we’re not talking about what your grandma spikes the tub with. These products are to cocaine what K2 is to weed, a weird test-tube synthetic knock-off that can still twist up your brain in psychotropic knots. Any mainstream news article you Google up on the topic begins with strange anecdotes from the police files relating to bath salt use, usually featuring guns, nudity and the Second Coming.

But at least one Northeast Ohio community has fielded such a surplus of bath salt-related insanity that it’s decided to act.

On Monday night, Barberton’s city council banned bath salts, according to the Akron Beacon Journal. The legislation comes after the city developed an affinity for the product. Barberton fields a steady beat of emergency room visits due to bath salts — one or two cases a week, according to the paper.

The products are already banned from the shelves in Europe and three states. Barberton’s legislation will make it illegal to sell the product within the city limit, but possession is another matter. Which means the kids could just skip over the municipal line and score elsewhere.


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