Everything You Never Needed to Know About the Anthony Sowell Trial




Last week marked the tip-off of suspected serial killer Anthony Sowell’s trial, complete with a 21st-century media frenzy.

Evidently in the name of journalism, Cleveland print and TV outlets have deposited reporters throughout the courthouse, live tweeting the proceedings so that the rest of us might stay on top of the painful play-by-play.

And by painful, we mean painfully boring. Really. Really. Boring.

Want to know what Sowell is wearing? What courtrooms smell like? What type of bread is caught between Judge Ambrose’s teeth after lunch? These tidbits and more can be gleaned from the Twitterverse. Without naming names, here’s a charmingly ungrammatical smattering of what passes for a day of work for some reporters:

Anthony Sowell blinks repeatedly, but they do not move in any direction.

The feed camera comes on, goes off.

Judge Ambrose is wearing a blue shirt and yellow tie underneath his robe in court today.

Sowell wearing white poll shirt with a print design across his chest.

Sowell is standing with hands in his pockets.

In case u missed it — we answered one of most discussed questions in cleveland strangler case. What about his glasses?

Tune in this week, when we’ll learn which courthouse urinal is Sowell’s favorite and what’s up with that cranky fat bailiff.

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