Concert Review: Glee Live! at Quicken Loans Arena



Wild and crazy times from the cast of Glee.
  • Wild and crazy times from the cast of Glee.

Imagine yourself immersed in a sea of 20,500 screaming teen girls, barf bags in hand. That was the scene at the Q last night for a sold-out performance of Glee Live! (the barf bags were courtesy of Glee character Sue Sylvester).

The show started with fireworks, smoke, and ringing ears set to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'.” The stage looked a lot like the TV show — elaborate lights, pyrotechnics, swing dancing — as the cast roamed through the audience. Clips from the series reminded you where this all came from.

Songs from both seasons were performed. Highlights included Mercedes’ rendition of Aretha Franklin’s “Ain’t No Way” and the original song “Loser Like Me.”

The Glee Club’s competition, the Warblers, even stepped up for a few songs. There was minimal dialogue throughout the performance, just enough to reinforce Britney’s lack of brain cells and fill you in on characters' personalities (just in case you've never seen the show).

By the end of the concert, Artie hopped out of his wheelchair, Blaine joined the New Directions, and everyone was buried in confetti. In other words, it was almost as cool as winning nationals. —Laurie Wanninger

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