Cleveland’s Top CEOs are Rich, B*tch



But you didn’t need us to tell you that, did you?

If there’s anything we don’t need headlines spelling out for us in these slumming post-Recession, will-it-or-won’t-it Double Dip days is that people are making money somewhere. Just no one we know. But aren’t you curious about how the other tax bracket lives? Interested in the kind of bank the head of a multi-billion dollar corporation takes homes every year? Do you wonder how his wallet feels in his custom-tailored pants pocket?

If this vein of thought is strong enough in you, march on over to Yahoo, where they’ve reproduced Crain’s Cleveland Business’ list of the top ten local earners. There’s a lot of money flowing through this list.

Topping the salary porn spread is the CEO of Parker Hannifin Corp., Donald E. Washkewicz, who took home $17.3 million. Yeah, read that number again. It’s larger than the GDP of Parma, multiplied by ten. There’s a significant cushion between Washkewicz’s war chest and the number two’s remuneration. Crain’s reports that Eaton Corp honcho Alexander “Sandy” Cutler was paid $12.8 million.

Rounding out the top three was FirstEnergy’s Anthony Alexander, who at $11.6 million squeezed by number four W. Nicholas Howley from TransDigm Group with $11 million. There are an additional six names on the list, but we’re in pain. It’s hurting out fingers to hit “command 4” for all those dollar signs, and it hurts our souls to write “million” so many times in a story not about Sri Lankan charities or rap music.

We’d really hate to see the kind of sweet 16 parties these guys are throwing their daughters.


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