OSU to Hike Up Tuition


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Just think of all the Jack that 3.3 percent could have bought.
  • Just think of all the Jack that 3.3 percent could have bought.

Just when you’re trying to avoid any more hits to the pocketbook, Ohio’s institutions of higher learning are jacking up their party fees tuition. Ohio University recently announced Athens-goers will have to contend with a 3.5 percent uptick this fall, and now Ohio State University is following suit, announcing a likely 3.3 percent hike next semester, according to the Columbus Dispatch.

Students on the main campus in Columbus will be asked to fork over an additional $315, bringing the total to $9,309. Students at The regional campuses will also see a raise of $225, putting tuition at $6,903.

The hike at OSU is partly responsible due to an estimated loss of $60 million from the state operating budget. The current increase will pay for books, computers, teachers, programs, legal fees, luxury vehicles, media spin doctors, and for someone to drive around mid-Ohio looking for memorabilia shops they missed the first time around — all the trapping of higher education.

OSU and OU aren’t the only state schools forced to ask for more money from students. Miami University and the University of Cincinnati are expected to do the same, according to the paper.


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