Cleveland Women Try Out for 'The Bachelor'




Over 100 young women who have dreamed since childhood of fighting with other women over a random guy they just met while being filmed for a national TV show, and likely compromising their values and morals in the process, lined up in Cleveland to audition for "The Bachelor." Reality TV dreams are really the purest, aren't they? (Tangentially related: Read about the time we auditioned for American Idol and sang, "Bernie, Bernie," here.)

One woman told NewsNet5: "It's not very often that you get this opportunity in your own town and I'm not married and I don't have a boyfriend so why not?" She then added that her health insurance is pretty good, and penicillin prescriptions are only $5, so she's covered, you know.

Of course, it's all about finding true and ever-lasting love, and the place to do that is on a couch in a mansion that gets steam-cleaned and disinfected on a nightly basis.

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