Four Suburbs Consider Merging




County Exec Ed FitzGerald announced this morning, along with the mayors of Moreland Hills, Orange, Pepper Pike and Woodmere, that the four richy-rich eastern suburbs are discussing a possible merger.

"Time for leaders in smaller communities to try to come together," Woodmere Mayor Smith said, according to Cleveland Magazine. According to the PD's Laura Johnston, "Residents would have to vote in 2012 for formal study. Then, vote on whether to merge in 2013."

"Chagrin Hills" has been bandied about as a possible name for the merged burb if voters like the idea, which is boring but still has a better ring to it than MoreOrangeWoodPepper. Actually, we like our idea better. Sounds like a fancy ingredient Giada would toss in a Tuscan salad or something.

Sharing services and expenses in a quintessentially "regionalism" effort would make sense for the four tiny suburbs, but we also hear Moreland Hills, Orange, and Pepper Pike agreed to the move mainly because they thought they got 10% off at Eton, which is categorically false.

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