Turns 15 Today




Today is the 15th anniversary of the launch of, the online home of The Plain Dealer and outlet for plenty of non-PD contributors.

For all the complaints about the design, navigation, and layout of the website, there's no debating that it's essential reading for Clevelanders, a hub for a host of talented reporters and writers, and an outlet for the public to voice its opinion on important issues facing our city. In all sincerity, congratulations.

So, we debated what to give for its 15th anniversary. Tradition calls for crystal according to our brief research, but the coffers are mighty empty around here, so that's not an option. Instead, we decided to highlight our favorite user — one pointed out by a tipster a year ago — who likely will never be recognized by folks as their "user of the day," so we'll make him "user of the last 15 years."

Ladies and gentlemen: "See My Wife." (Screengrabbed for posterity.)

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