Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad Suspends Service Because of Construction, But Not Before Selling Hundreds of Tickets on Groupon



The Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad won't be choo-chooing for awhile because of construction. No date has been set for CVSR to resume service.

Per the press release:

The cancellation is due to the construction of the track work on the Valley Railway causing excessive delays in the train schedule, negatively affecting visitor services. The cancellation of train services in the park will allow the contractors to complete their work earlier. The work was scheduled to be completed by June but due to the hard winter it has been extended into summer.

Incidentally, CVSR ran a Groupon deal on June 16 and sold over 500 discounted tickets, tickets that expire in December. We wonder how anyone who plunked down cash thinking they'd be smooth sailing on the train this summer feels now that there is no train to ride and no concrete timetable.

Maybe CVSR should have held off on the Groupon offer last week knowing that they'd soon be announcing an indefinite shutdown.


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