Pittsburgh Thinks the RTA is Awesome




Pittsburgh rarely looks at Northeast Ohio with anything except a smattering of pity in its eye. Their football team is better, their economy stronger, their Panini-style sandwiches more original and tasty than our Panini sandwiches. Of course, the Pirates suck, so there's that.

But the Steel City cast its sights on Cleveland and took note of one great thing that the Forest City boasts that Pittsburgh does not.

According to Fresh Water Cleveland, the RTA, and specifically the HealthLine, made Pittsburgh envious.

Writing for the Post-Gazette, Jon Schmitz says, "Local officials who visited that city's HealthLine, a 6.8-mile bus route with many of the attributes of a light-rail line, want to build a similar system here."

His research pointed out that Cleveland's HealthLine trimmed a formerly 30-minute ride to 18 minutes, while boosting ridership and fueling some $4 billion in investment along the Euclid Avenue Corridor.

While Pittsburgh officials were skeptical that the BRTs would be a suitable (and far more affordable) alternative to light rail, they left Cleveland as supporters.

But not before making eighteen jokes about the Browns, we're guessing.

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