Firetruck Hits Flock of Geese, Then Runs Over Them Again




The Ashtabula Star Beacon has the unfortunate tale of a fire truck en-route to a car accident that ran over a pack of 13 geese that were in the road. Naturally, the fire truck pretty much obliterated the animals, leaving a horror movie-esque landscape of blood, feathers, and geese parts strewn across the road.

Naturally, that was upsetting to motorists and residents. The fire truck didn't help the situation when on the way back from the call, it ran over the geese again.

Featsent [a resident] said only one goose managed to make its way into her front yard, but its wing and leg were visibly broken. To make matters worse, on the return trip from the call, the fire truck ran over the birds again, she said.

Strubbe said fire trucks are large and cannot swerve off the road.

“You cannot risk the life of firefighters to avoid geese,” he said. [snip]

Featsent believes the firefighters should have removed the birds on the return trip, rather than running over them again.

“Two hours is too long to sit on the side of the road,” she said. “It was terrible for passers-by, especially children, to see.”

A fire truck running over the carcasses of a bunch of cute birds? That's not traumatizing for kids to see at all.

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