Putnam County Man Pays $740 for Beer; Meth Use Sky Rockets in Putnam County



How far will you go?
  • How far will you go?

For some of us, an additional $740 means a jump in the tax bracket. For others, it just the price of a beer. That’s right, we said it. Thepriceofabeer.

That’s the sticker price some guy shelled out this week for the first beer served at the Putnam County Fair, a mystical place on the western edge of the state where oil runs the creek beds and currency grows by the bushel.

Keep in mind this isn’t beer that they’re brewing special for the fair. This year marks the first time the restrictive red tape was cut, throwing out what must have been some cold pulpit-pounding Midwestern puritanism than forbid any consumption of spirits whilst enjoying the earthly pleasures of the fair. Again, it was just a normal beer, retailing at $2.50 a can (hey, that’s actually a price worth talking about).

But Lanny Wagner was willing to go big bucks for that first sip of freedom. Once the auction was said and done, the Continental man opened his wallet for $740. If you watch this video from LimaOhio.com, you can see the deed go down; the auctioneer is pretty incredulous, going “You sure? Positive? You’re really really sure and positive?”

For his money, Wagner got a neon beer sign as well. All we can really say on this one is that it’s cool, man. We used to do a lot of stupid crap when we were riding out a meth binge, too. It gets better.

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