Thugs Storm Family Dollar (Updated)




Update: One of the punks who used an old lady as a human shield at Sunday's Family Dollar shoot out was charged today in juvenile court. He's up on aggravated robbery, assault, felonious assault, and kidnapping. The other suspect remains at large.


Sunday mornings — church bells, waffles, Meet the Press, hangovers, bath salts. All norms within the realm of possibility. This isn’t exactly the chunk of time you’d expect Fallujah to unfold in your backyard, but that’s exactly what happened yesterday on Payne with a major gunfight between cops and robbers.

Two teenage thugs held up the Family Dollar, then swapped gunfire with police while trying to get away. The Fox 8 report below has interviews with eyewitnesses. It sounds like we’re talking about an armory’s worth of small arms fire filling up the air, but surprisingly, luckily, no one was hit.

That’s not to say the tank was low on dramatic moments. At some point in the shoot out, one of the triggermen grabbed an 81-year-old lady and used her as a shield as he snapped off rounds at cops. Unfortunately, only one of the gunmen was taken into custody after surrendering. The other — smarter — criminal threw on a red Family Dollar employee shirt and slipped past the police.



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