Randy Lerner Likes to Leave Cleveland



From Curbed Hamptons, via Cleveland Frowns, comes data on Randy Lerner's carbon footprint and desire to be anywhere but the Buckeye State.

390 times since 2007 Randy Lerner has landed in East Hampton, presumably to get to his home in Amagansett, but it makes you wonder why he wants to leave Cleveland so often. We imagine it usually goes something like this:

Mr. Lerner: Why hello, girl scout cookie girl. I'll take two boxes of thin mints.

Girl Scout: Okay, just give me a minute while I tally the order.

Mr. Lerner: A minute? Well, shit, I'm going to go to New York while you do that. I can't stand to be in Cleveland for any longer than I have to. I'll be back. And while I'm in New York, I'm going to burn a bunch of tires. Why? Because fuck the environment, that's why.


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