We Are Ohio Surpass Their Goal (Updated)




Updated: Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted announced today that the SB5 referendum collected 915,456 valid signatures, certifying that the group more than surpassed the necessary 231,147 number for the issue to appear on the ballot. According to the Dayton Daily News, "backers of the referendum had to collect signatures in 44 of Ohio’s 88 counties equal to 3 percent of the the votes in the 2010 governor’s race. They met the 3 percent requirement in all 88 counties."

Next up: Forming ballot language. — Grzegorek


The great state government arm wrestle between state employees and Governor John Kasich continues to grind on. According to the people pushing back against Senate Bill 5 — the legislation that would basically knee-cap collective bargaining — the stakes are survival itself.

That opposition is officially blanketed under the moniker We Are Ohio. Their mission over the last months has been to gather petition signatures. By law, the group needed 231,149 valid John Hancocks to get the controversial law off the books and onto the ballot. In a chest-thump moment of bravado, the group promised they’d easily knock down 500,000 signatures. Surely, they said, enough Ohioans are upset with the bill.

Well, today We Are Ohio dropped off their signatures at the Secretary of State’s office with considerable pomp, according to the Plain Dealer.

A procession of nearly 6,000 pounded pavement for the drop off, accompanying a 18-wheel truck hauling the goods. And it looks like the group were good to their word, pole-vaulting over the 500,000 goal and today delivering 1,298,301 signatures. If the names are confirmed as valid, SB5 will end up on the ballot in November.

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