The Quality of Cleveland Life Report




Your guide to thriving in fabulous Cleveland.

...And Yes, I Am Happy to See You: John Kasich signs guns-in-bars bill into law, simultaneously clearing the way for a new era of outrageously cheesy pickup lines along West Sixth Street.

Step 2: Get a Billion Dollars: Cavs owner Dan Gilbert featured in panel on how to revive dying midwestern cities. Confusion breaks out when he reveals step No. 1: Stockpile Jewish basketball players.

Our Wonderland of Rubble
: Iconic Cold Storage Building reduced to a pile of concrete shards as demolition continues to make room for the new Inner Belt Bridge. Upon eyeing the wreckage, out-of-towners returning for holiday weekend remark, “Well, Cleveland looks just like I remember.”

This Week's Index: You didn’t blow off your hand this week — which is good because you still have a hand, but bad because you gotta go back to work.

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