Video: Ohio Rep's DUI on Dash Cam




You'll remember that Mr. Family Values conservative Ohio state rep Bob Mecklenborg recently had a little run-in with the law in Indiana: he was arrested for a DUI, happened to be carting around a woman who was not his wife and likely was a stripper, and had Viagra in his system.

Now, there's video of his field sobriety test and arrest from the fine police in Indiana. If you guessed that Rep. Mecklenborg would be nervous, talkative, uncooperative, combative, silly, and insistent on denial and playing dumb during his arrest, you'd be absolutely correct. Our favorite part is near the end when Mecklenborg asks the officer no less than 10 times what happens if he's drunk, then tries to say, "But in Ohio..." only to be shot down by the trooper, who says, "I don't care about Ohio. This is Indiana."

It truly is an entertaining 18 minutes. Enjoy.

(Via Plunderbund)

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