Long Lines for $1 Jimmy John's Subs




Jimmy John's offered $1 subs from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. today. Would you ever have guessed that it would be a cluster? No, never. (Just like grown men and women would never dive or club a child in the head with their elbow for a free t-shirt at a ballgame that is XXXXL and bound for the Goodwill donation box anyway.)

Lines out the door, which isn't entirely horrible since Jimmy John's sandwich artists seem to be able to make a sub in approximately 3.72 seconds. Hard times are all around, wallets thin, bank accounts bounced until payday, no raises or bonuses on the horizon despite yearly promises, but still, we'll gladly pay full price for a $6 sub to not stand in those lines.

Pic of the JJ Independence location today via @SportsStoleMyMan.

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