Former Cavalier Lance Allred Publishes Second Book




Lance Allred is probably not one of the most well-known former Cleveland Cavaliers, but he's among the most interesting. And he's a Scene favorite.

The brief NBAer, but mostly career D-Leaguer and sometime Euro roster filler, has been in the news more than your average career journeyman hoopster. He was the first legally deaf player in the NBA, grew up on a Mormon compound, had one awkward morning television appearance, scored a handful of 10-day contracts in the NBA, penned a stellar book about his life, dealt with career asshole Rick Majerus at Utah, and dabbles in Jane Austen-era fiction when he's not writing memoirs. Hard not to love him.

Anyway, he released his second book — Basketball Gods: The Transformation of the Enlightened Jock — on his website, which you can purchase for the low, low price of $0.99 to a variety of platforms (Kindle, PDF, etc.). Topics include his stint with the Cavs, LeBron, Coach Mike Brown, playing in the always interesting Euro leagues (where pay and accommodations leave much to be desired), and more.

We heartily recommend you pick it up.

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