Grady Sizemore on DL Again, Will Never Be Healthy (Updated)



One example of him standing on both legs without injuring them.
  • One example of him standing on both legs without injuring them.

Update: Did you know Grady Sizemore suffered a sports hernia injury in May on the same slide that injured his knee? Neither did anyone else until today when the Tribe announced that Sizemore underwent successful abdominal surgery and will be out 4-6 weeks.

Sizemore's statement: "The injury which resulted in today's surgery has been bothering me since the slide in May. Knowing the two areas are related and also learning my knee condition is not serious gives me peace of mind going forward that I can finish the season healthy and help contribute to an exciting pennant chase."

Also, he added, "I just used a Q-tip and my ear fell off, so that's new." (


The Indians put Grady Sizemore on the 15-day DL today after Sizemore injured his right knee while running the bases during yesterday's loss to the Orioles. If you're thinking that Grady + knee injury + DL = bad, bad, bad things, you'd be right.

Here's what Sizemore told the media about his knee (via the PD):

"There's a lot of concern. I just hope I don't have to go through what I went through last year."

By "last year," he means the microfracture surgery that cost him the entire season.

By our count, this will be Sizemore's 37th trip to the DL, and by our somewhat medically trained eye, Sizemore's knees seem to be constructed out of balsa wood. Neither of which are good things for the Tribe.

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