Cleveland Ranked 17th Most Walkable City




Walk Score rated the most walkable cities in America and Cleveland came in 17th on the list of the 50 biggest cities. Not great, not bad. Plenty of work to do to ensure that neighborhoods are dotted with grocery stores and barber shops and essential Indian take-out restaurants and that pedestrians can get to those locations safely with crosswalks and sidewalks, but we'll take it.

The ratings also drilled down past the city level to examine communities within and how walkable they are. The map above reflects that data, with green showing highly walkable areas, and red showing parts where SUVs and highways dominate and that walkers are likely to be killed within seconds. Click on through for the full breakdown, where downtown Cleveland ranks highest, followed by University Circle, the near West Side, Detroit Shoreway, Tremont, and some of the other usual suspects.

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