Port Authority Wants to Hear What You Think of Its Plan




Michael: All right, listen, this is all getting a little crazy. We cannot accept their plea if we don't even know what the plea is.
Barry Zuckerkorn: Do you want to read it?
Michael: No, it is pretty thick. Maybe we should just take the plea.

It wasn't that long ago that Michael D. Roberts took you for a spin through the history of port. Our subtitle of, "How years of bungling and self-interest robbed Cleveland of its future," might have been too nice.

Now, the Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority has a dynamic new action plan which you can find at their site or over at The Civic Commons and they want to hear from you. Yes, you. We're reading it right now, and so should you. We can't all be Barry Zuckerkorns.

Fingers crossed that there's a new marketing slogan — "The port, it's sorta like Season 2 of The Wire. Come see for yourself." — but it doesn't look like it.

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