Three Thieves Steal a Winnie the Pooh Purse




One would assume that prospective purse snatchers target high-value victims. That rich lady with the Gucci, that mom with the duffel bag and Prada sunglasses, that rich teen shopping at Crocker park — those are all victims from which you would expect a big score at the end of your criminal endeavor.

But a Winnie the Pooh purse? What would a purse snatcher expect from that? A candy necklace?

Three masked men swiped just such a bag in Elyria over the weekend. According to the Morning Journal, a woman says that the three banditos dressed in matching red shirts surrounded her in a parking lot and snatched Pooh.

Two ways we can be sure that these weren't criminal masterminds: 1) This was in a parking lot in Elyria; and 2) One of the thieves made his getaway on a "small, red BMX bicycle."

Cops say the suspects are on the loose, so if you're toting around a Eeyore purse, be on the lookout. You could be next.

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